We ensure that every house is designed in accordance with the optimum orientation in relation to the climate and, specially, the sun – ‘sun-friendly’

· We suggest specific building methods that confer high versatility in use of the natural light and natural ventilation, across the diverse range of spaces and materials that are used for this purpose.
· We avoid thermal bridges in our houses and this enables you to save up to 30% of energy costs (high energy-efficient).
· We guarantee a greater use of the space even with a reduced built surface, making your investment a more cost-effective option.
· We stay with our clients all the way in this process and we carefully supervise your building specifications step by step.

We create homes with high energy efficiency that will help you save money,

every day of the year and every year of your life.

We create your home with Passive Concepts (Passivhaus)

With a yearly savings of up to € 1.200, in heating and cooling.

Integrated and environmentally friendly homes

We allied with solar orientation and natural ventilation, with a bioclimatic design.

We avoid the thermal bridges of construction

Homes that save energy up to 30%, for having high Energy Efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and dreams ... are compatible!

Efficient homes are cheaper than traditional ones, in construction and daily use.

Let us create the house of your dreams,

and start living where you want.


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